Park Dougherty, CRPC®
First Vice President - Investment Officer

Accumulating assets and generating sufficient income from them are tall orders these days. Since 1985, I have worked with families and endowments to achieve a variety of financial goals. But helping them build a rising stream of income is my specialty.

As a Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM, I have advanced training in and state-of-the-art tools for investing capital and enhancing income from it. Our life planning process (the Envision® process) helps pre-retirees gain confidence they will accomplish their goals without unnecessary sacrifice or risk. It begins with a customized estimate of retirement expenses - including health care costs. Our Retirement Income Process helps retirees match their income goals to the income potential of their portfolios so their capital can last throughout their lifetimes and fund their legacy goals.

While endowments have different time frames than individuals, the financial markets provide the same challenges.  With all clients I use the following investment process.  Establish income goals.  Identify an asset allocation strategy that can achieve those goals with the least amount of sacrifice and risk.  Use research by third parties (like Morningstar and Fi360) to select and monitor appropriate investment vehicles – including stocks, index funds, active funds and annuities. 

If you are looking for seasoned assistance with achieving your income goals, give me a call. 

Park Dougherty,
First Vice President-Investments

Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM