Asset Allocation - Traditional Strategies

We have all heard that Asset Allocation is a key to keeping an investment portfolio on track; and I believe it.  But it's easier said than done after the market turmoil and volatility of recent years. Investors have faced a lot of uncertainties indeed.  And the reality is that many have turned extremely defensive, resulting in portfolio allocations that may no longer match their long-term plan.

So, this is precisely the time when having a disciplined investment strategy is most important by helping you overcome near-term financial goals.  And it all starts with having a plan.  Once you have established a solid investment plan, you can then determine the appropriate asset allocation strategy that best suits your needs.  

Asset allocation cannot eliminate the risk of fluctuating prices and uncertain returns; but these key elements can help you to be prepared not only for what is happening now but what may happen next and, just as important, what could happen later.